Should a cheating partner be forgiven and taken back?  Clergyman KINGSLEY OKONKWO asks

Thursday, February 23, 2023 – Clergyman Kingsley Okonkwo has taken to his Twitter handle to ask a rather interesting question about cheating in relationships and marriages.

He wrote

Please should a cheating partner be forgiven and taken back?

Pastor Okonkwo who is famous for his teachings on marriages and relationships, pointed that a number of things to be considered when cheating happens, which includes; if those involved are married or just dating, if the cheat in question was caught or confessed, and also if they are ready to change or are defensive.

Pastor Okonkwo pointed out that infidelity of any kind (texts, emotional or actual intercourse) requires infidelity recovery counseling.

See his tweets as well as reactions from his followers below

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