Showdown As Residents Beats An Hyena Like ‘Burukenge’ After Caught Eating a Sheep In Migori

Dramatic scene was today May 27, 2021, ensured in Midida Village of Uriri Sub-county, Migori County after area residents of Midida killed a stray hyena, after it was caught busy taking it’s sweet lunch meal.

The Wild animal which was found eating a sheep that belongs to Sadia Anyanga by passing people who were from Sibuoche market who alerted the area residents before gathering and killing the animal instantly.

The incident reportedly occurred at around 3pm in the evening, though the locals have been left tongue wagging, asking themselves where the said wild animal could have come from. The area chief however reportedly informed Uriri OCS for further investigation as locals now requests the Kenya Wildlife Service to take create care of the wild animals not to create loses to local ‘wananchi’.

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