Son of Former Governor Sued For Child Support; ‘He Refused To Get a Job, Spends His Time Playing Video Games’

The son of a former Governor in Rift Valley is reportedly locked in a child custody battle with a woman alleging that his daily activities consist mainly of sleeping, smoking, drinking, and playing video games.

The case has been pending in court since last year, the Star reports. It was scheduled for hearing on  Thursday, but it has been postponed to November of this year.

In her court papers, the woman is seeking an order for the man to provide monthly financial support amounting to Sh112,000 for the children. The breakdown of the expenses she is requesting is as follows:

Food: Sh60,000
Clothing: Sh10,000
Medical expenses: Sh15,000
Electricity: Sh5,000
Water: Sh4,000
House help: Sh15,000
Gas: Sh3,000

These expenses, totaling Sh112,000, are intended to cover the necessary costs associated with the children’s upbringing and well-being.

The woman claims that the man has neglected his parental responsibilities, failing to provide any financial support for their three children. She specifically claims that he has never contributed to the payment of school fees for the minors.

The couple got married in 2015 at the Kenya School of Monetary-Ruaraka. They resided in Nairobi as a married couple from 2018 until 2021 when the man allegedly abandoned them.

According to the documents, the man is reported to be unemployed but is involved in family businesses where he holds the position of a co-director in multimillion companies. Additionally, he is said to own significant parcels of land, indicating that he possesses the means to support the minors financially.

“He has been refusing to get a job, turning down numerous job opportunities with flimsy excuses and spends all his time sleeping, smoking, drinking or playing video games.”

The father on his part made counterclaims against the mother, alleging that she has an unstable personality, lacks care and affection towards the children, and has caused him mental and emotional distress. He further states that the mother’s behavior has caused him embarrassment and has negatively impacted his self-esteem.

“She has subjected me and the minors to untold suffering throughout the period of the marriage by physically assaulting me and verbally abusing me in front of the children, her continued lack of planning and foresight, financial and social neglect, failure to show love and affection,” he says.

He alleges that the woman has been causing frustration for him and the children by frequently disappearing from the matrimonial home to undisclosed places and not returning home on time, or being dishonest about her whereabouts. Furthermore, he asserts that he even supported her during her master’s program and catered to all her needs.

In addition, he reveals that his family provided them with a house to stay in Nairobi. However, due to the severe depression resulting from the mental and physical abuse inflicted by the woman, he had to leave the house in November 2021 to seek medical assistance.

He has asked the court to award him custody of the children, saying that he has diligently fulfilled his parental responsibilities, while the mother has not done the same.

“I wish to state that I have no problem taking care of my children as I have had and will take every opportunity available to be with them and purposely plan my work schedule to accommodate my children,” court papers read in part.

He further expresses his willingness to assume responsibility for all the aforementioned needs and ensure the minors’ comfort, along with fulfilling his personal and family commitments if legal custody is granted to him.

Additionally, he has filed for divorce, and the case is also currently pending in court.

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