Spaghetti bolognese recipe


*200g sausages

*400g pasta


*1 tbs of vegetable oil /olive oil

*medium onions( finely chopped)

*sea salt

*500g minced meat/ground beef

*Tomatoe paste




*800g tins of plum tomatoes

For bolognese sauce

* 1 red chilli (pepper) deseeded and finely chopped

*6 cherry tomatoes sliced in half


*Heat the olive oil in a large pan over medium heat.

*Add onions and salt until lightly golden, 2-3 minutes.. Add the grinded garlic and grinded ginger and fry another minute. Add ground beef.

*Add carrots, 2-3 sprigs rosemary ,cloves all finely chopped, stir vegetable evenly for like 10 minutes.

*Fry until fully cooked and no pink shows at all in the meat. Add tomato paste and mix with the meat.

*Add the 6 cherry sliced tomatoes ,parsley and season with salt and pepper for a thick sauce.

*Simmer for 15 minutes .

For freshly cooked spaghetti (I prefer it with some sausages)

*Cut Sausages into three .

*Cut pasta(spaghetti) into half.

*Insert plenty of pastas into sausage, then boil for 20 minutes.

*Ready to be served.






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