State House staffers in tears as President RUTO and First Lady RACHEL impose weekly mandatory fasting and prayers for everyone irrespective of one’s religion – Look!

Thursday, March 2, 2023 – President William Ruto and his wife, Rachel, have moved to make working in State House, not for the faint-hearted.

This is after they imposed mandatory fasting and prayers for every staff working in the State House every Wednesday in line with their Christian faith.

The change in State House protocol means that no food will be provided and staff would not be allowed to come with food into the premises. 

The reports elicited debate on social media with some arguing that it used to happen in Karen, Nairobi when President William Ruto was the Deputy President. 

Further, Kenyans online opined that religion ought to be a freedom of choice and not imposed.

“Those arguing that this used to happen in Karen when Ruto was DP so we should not complain now because we did not complain then, an injustice is an injustice and it doesn’t matter the time it is addressed.”

“Forcing public servants to fast is an illegality. It is unconstitutional. This is not even fasting. It’s withdrawing people’s right to eat,” digital communication strategist Pauline Njoroge stated.

“Those who have been asked to fast are not complaining while those who have not been asked are complaining on their behalf,” read Kennedy Owino’s post. 

“Fasting is not necessarily Christian. Maybe it is for purposes of discipline and focus. Offices enforce several rituals like these,” Arwa Erick noted. 

“Let people pray and fast. If the president is fasting why not the employees,” a user identified as Kim pointed out.

The news came on the backdrop of a report from Infotrak that revealed that only 5% of Kenyans believe Ruto is religious. 

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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