Stop blaming RUTO over the high cost of living, blame your Chairman UHURU KENYATTA – AISHA JUMWA now tells RAILA after he called for mass action

Friday, February 24, 2023 – Public Service Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa has blasted Azimio Leader Raila Odinga for criticizing President William Ruto over the high cost of living.

Speaking during an interview, Jumwa told Raila plainly that his call for mass action will not address the current situation.

“You cannot issue ultimatums and threats to a ruling government that is trying to do the best for its citizens, in this country people are free to talk and can hold discussions to come up with solutions to problems,” commented Jumwa.

She told off the Opposition over claims that the Kenya Kwanza government was responsible for the high cost of living in the country, saying former President Uhuru Kenyatta was to blame for the mess in the country and that Raila knows it since he was there when the mess was done.

“People must always tell the truth and come out clean on the real issues that lead to this situation,” commented Jumwa.

“We all remember when the opposition leader was a very close friend of Uhuru there was still a high cost of living in the country but they are trying to blame Ruto for it but refused to address the issues when they were in a position,” she added.

She noted that Ruto’s government had made clear improvements by reducing the price of unga from Ksh 240 to Ksh 180 per 2kg packet.

Jumwa highlighted that during his campaigns in the run-up to elections, Ruto promised to address the plight of Kenyans by easing pressure on the prices of essential commodities.

The CS held that some of the issues being raised by the opposition were true and the government was progressively addressing them.

Her remarks came barely days after Odinga gave Ruto a 14-day ultimatum to address the cost of living or face countrywide protests.


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