Stop lying to people in the name of prayers! Anglican Cleric SAMMY WAINAINA now tells RUTO point black as he calls out pastors attending the so-called prayer rallies.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023 – Anglican Provost at All Saints Cathedral Church in Nairobi has disapproved of the prayer meetings graced every Sunday by President William Ruto.

Speaking just after Ruto hosted a national prayer rally at Nyayo Stadium yesterday, Very Reverend Canon Sammy Wainaina told the president to stop lying to Kenyans in the name of prayer rallies.

He argued that political rhetoric spun in the religious meetings defiles the sole purpose of the organisers’ original intent.

He also called out the preachers (Pastors, Bishops and Prophets, who attend Ruto’s prayer rallies, faulting them for being too magnanimous to allow the places of worship to be turned into venues of political talk.

“The ongoing prayer rallies by Ruto are not genuine. They are political meetings disguised as prayer meetings. Unfortunately, the church has been hoodwinked. Pastors and Bishops are political brokers on hire by a political class. They are on their payrolls. A very sad state of the church. The salt has lost its taste and the light its brightness,” Rev. Wainaina stated.

Since his election last year, Ruto has made the church part of his administration. He has even set up a church in the State House.


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