The only only way to diversify our Luo Nyanza Counties economy is to begin serious…

The only only way to diversify our Luo Nyanza Counties economy is to begin serious horticulture, aquaculture and livestock production.

These areas can employ thousands.

I’ve just read somewhere that in the last quarter, Kenya exported over 26,000 tonnes of avocado and earned over KES 4,000,000,000.

This happened even as Horticulture Directorate had to stop exports temporarily to catch cartels.

Over the years, I’ve not heard that Kenya exported Omena or Other Fresh Water Fish and earned something.

Am sure the said avocado was not harvested in Nyanza.

Now see how other tribes are doing better than us.

Our legislators are only waiting to manage the CDF, address people before Raila and prepare people for fruitless demonstrations.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that good things will come to Nyanza when Raila is crowned the 5th president and majority of us were tempted to pray over it.

As some of our brothers go to campus, middle class colleges and Polytechnic, there is a section of us who can work in farms and earn their livelihood.

We must begin thinking about the future of our people in a diversified economy.

When I see a large number of young men venturing into Boda boda and women selling the same merchandise in our local market, I feel pained.

Cotton production should be resuscitated, sisal the same, horticulture should move down the lakeside, local dairy products like ghee should be commercialised.

It’s time to wake up and elect legislators who will not only manage the CDF, impeach the governor at county level but also those with the potential of legislating on critical issues affecting our people.

Robert Chaulo

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