This is why Prof. GEORGE MAGOHA’s wife, Dr. BARBARA, ‘refused’ the Luo culture and customs during the burial that left mourners very upset with her

Sunday, February 12, 2023 – The wife of the late former Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha was yesterday forced to apologise to mourners for not following the Luo traditions as required of her. 

Speaking during Magoha’s funeral service, Dr. Barbara asked the mourners, who were upset with her over the way she carried herself throughout Magoha’s funeral, to understand that she is a Nigerian who may not have understood every aspect of the Luo culture and traditions. 

She explained that she followed the Nigerian customs during the mourning of her husband since that was what she understood best. 

“People were upset that I did not wail and cry when entering our home but I want to tell them that my new position in the family doesn’t give me the privilege to do a public display of emotions. 

“I’m a Nigerian and I mourned my husband the Nigerian way,” Dr. Barbara noted. 

At the same time, she asked the security officers to be mindful of the culture and treat the mourners with the respect which they deserve. 

She condemned the blocking of mourners who thronged Umiru Village to receive the body of their mate, Professor George Magoha. 

“I apologise for what happened when the body was brought home. I understand that mourners were blocked from entering the compound. That is not how it should be,” Barbara pleaded. 

She explained that Luo culture requires the mourners to enter the compound and share in the grief. 

However, she asked mourners to understand that there are things she might not do at the burial of her husband. 

“I ask of you to remain orderly even as you mourn my husband whom you loved so much. Let us be modest in our mourning,” Barbara pleaded with Siaya mourners. 


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