This is why the Hustler Nation is no longer at ease as RUTO is running aimlessly like a headless chicken because of RAILA – Look! 

Sunday, March 5, 2023 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s resilience and his sustained push to topple President William Ruto from power through a revolution have disoriented the Kenya Kwanza government.

This was revealed by former Mukuruweinin MP Kabando Wa Kabando who claimed that Raila’s protests and the call for mass action have shaken Ruto to the core, so much so that the president is now running around aimlessly like a headless chicken.

Venting on Twitter, Kabando said the move by Ruto to use the pass-out parade of NYS recruits to attack ODM leader Raila Odinga is the clearest indicator yet that he is shaken and afraid of Baba.

“Ruto is shaken by Raila’s resilience. Raila is a “guerrilla” swimming in masses, only upset self Handshake, BBI and Uhuru Deep State. Ruto’s regime scared stiff, hence the paranoid bravado. Yet….” peace talks” loading?…or a secret parley? So-called “Hustler Nation” is no longer at ease,” he said in the tweet.

Kabando went on to say that while he recognizes Ruto as President, he is in support of Raila’s protests which he said will enable the president to discharge his mandate diligently.

“I recognise Ruto as the constitutionally elected president, as I support Raila’s oversight crusade to protest the rising costs of living via non-violent mass action. Ruto is turning even a disciplined National Youth Service Paramilitary Academy pass-out parade into a ranting forum,” he stated.

Raila has held anti-government rallies in Kamukunji, Jacaranda, Jeevanjee gardens, Machakos, Kisumu, Busia, Kisii, and Kakamega.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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