Tuwache Ujinga! MOSES KURIA now shows hustlers the middle finger as he tells them to shut up and pay more for electricity

Wednesday, February 22, 2023 – Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has blasted those complaining over the cost of electricity since President William Ruto took over, saying they should shut up and pay more if they want to use power.

Speaking during an interview, Kuria urged Kenyans to cease reasoning with emotions while confronting the issue of electricity. 

He argued that Kenyans were comfortable spending on other expenses like betting and making calls, yet felt offended when urged to pay Ksh1,000 for electricity.

“We need to reduce the amount of emotions around this issue. A Kenyan would rather spend all the money betting or speaking on the phone, which is not expensive. When you tell Kenyans let’s pay Ksh1,000 for electricity which will power us then the discussion turns emotional,” he challenged.

The CS asked Kenyans to exploit the gazetted public participation, initiated by Energy CS, Davis Chirchir, to review energy costs.

In addition, he promised to add his voice to the high cost of energy, where he noted that it was wrong for manufacturing costs to lead to subsidizing energy for Kenyans.

Kuria’s remarks came after Kenya Power argued that it was better to have expensive power than no power. 

KPLC Acting Managing Director, Geoffrey Wasua Muli, urged Kenyans to look at the value electricity brings rather than the cost.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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