Twist as KINDIKI reveals how late DANIEL MUTEMBEI identified the cops who shot him before he died – Heads must roll.

Thursday, April 13, 2023 – Interior Cabinet Secretary Professor Kithure Kindiki has revealed that the late boda boda operator Daniel Mutembei, identified his killers before he passed on. 

While responding to the questions about the progress of the investigations in the National Assembly, Kindiki noted that investigators were gathering evidence about the suspects who had been positively identified. 

The Interior Cabinet Secretary explained that Mutembei, a Chuka, Tharaka Nithi resident, was killed at night and left on the road where he was rained on till morning. 

“He was recognised by villagers ferrying milk to a central collection point early in the morning. 

“He was still alive at the time, and although critically injured, Mutembei was able to talk and identified those that attacked him. He gave the names of five suspects,” Kindiki stated. 

The villagers were kind enough to rush Mutembei to the nearby hospital, where he was placed under medication in the Intensive Care Unit. 

“He was immediately taken to the hospital but the injuries were already too severe and succumbed at the Chuka Referral Hospital,” Kindiki noted. 

The CS further revealed that police immediately mounted an operation to arrest the named suspects but were unlucky to apprehend them. 

The five suspects had moved to court and obtained anticipatory bail barring the police from arresting them, but the orders have since been cancelled.

Professor Kindiki noted that investigations were advanced, and the police would apprehend any more suspects. 

The family members of Mutembei lamented that no one had been arrested over the case since then, arguing that suspects had threatened key eyewitnesses. 


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