Uhuru Kenyatta’s Advice To President Ruto: “Power is Fleeting”

Uhuru Kenyatta has advised his successor President William Ruto to diligently serve the country during his time in office, as he will not hold the country’s top office indefinitely.

During a meeting with news editors on Monday, Uhur advised Ruto that power is transient and urged him to fulfill his duties while he still holds the top office.

“My advice to Ruto is power is fleeting and temporary. Do the best for the country,” he said, adding that he did his best in the 10 years he was in office.

“It is your work to run the country, not mine. Even if I did not support you. I did my best and I handed over when my term ended,” Uhuru said.

The retired president at the same time maintained that he is no longer involved in active politics and should not be linked to any demonstrations planned by the opposition.

“I am puzzled by claims that I am funding Azimio protest, for what benefit?” he posed.

Uhuru challenged anyone linking him to the protests to provide concrete evidence to support their claims. He also noted that he has had discussions with opposition leader Raila Odinga about the protests, which Raila maintained are centered on fighting to lower the cost of living for Kenyans.

The former president also mentioned that Ruto has not made any effort to contact him since assuming the presidency. He said he would be open to engaging with Ruto if the President initiates the conversation.

“I can’t invite myself to talk with him but if he reaches out to me; he is my president and I will go. I went to Moi and Kibaki regularly to seek advice,” Kenyatta told Editors at his residence in Nairobi.

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