What a cheating Kenyan woman told her husband, who is a military officer, after he caught her pants down with his friend – Watch the dramatic video

Tuesday, 21 February 2023 – A dramatic video showing the moment a man dressed in military uniform caught his friend chewing his wife has gone viral.

In the video that has spread online like bushfire, the infuriated soldier is seen confronting a man who was bare-chested and had a towel wrapped around his waist.

The man, said to be his friend for many years, was standing in the doorway leading to a bedroom just off the sitting room.

He had visited the soldier’s matrimonial house in his absence to chew the forbidden fruit.

The heavily built soldier demanded to know what the man was doing in his house and why he was bare-chested.

The military man removed his jacket and vest and confronted the man while threatening to teach him a lesson he will never forget.

Sensing danger, his wife started pleading for mercy like a toddler.

The soldier went toward his wife and demanded to know why the man was in his house where he paid the bills and took care of everything to give her a good life.

 He pushed her onto a couch and ordered her to remain seated.

In defense, the woman claimed the man had come to fix something in the house and had excused himself to use the bedroom.

The bare-chested man could also be heard claiming he had come to check on something in the house.

However, the military man was not convinced.

 He demanded to know what exactly required him to take an hour to check on and why he was bare-chested.

The viral video has sparked reactions on social media, with Netizens agreeing that another man’s woman is a no-go zone.

Watch how the dramatic incident transpired.


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