Who is the Real thief? “Dp Ruto Referring ODM party leader Raila Odinga as a thief

Deputy president William Ruto on Sunday hit at ODM leader Raila Odinga, accusing him of theft.

Deputy President was Speaking at a Church service in Embakasi, Furiously, DP Ruto claimed Mr Odinga stole from youths, referring to the infamous Kazi kwa kijana corruption scandal where Odinga’s name was adversely mentioned when the ODM leader was Prime minister.

“These people stole from youths when they were in government (referring to the Kazi kwa Vijana scandal). Even in opposition they stole from Kenyans via the COVID19 billionaire scandal, but they are now trying to lecture others on how to fight corruption, what an irony.” Posed Ruto.

The DP was responding to Raila Odinga’s recent attacks at him, questioning his source of wealth. A matter that Raila Odinga has kept on speaking about and being against how Dp Ruto Gives out Hugh amount of money in Church Fund drives.

Ruto told off Raila for complaining about his Church donations, saying even the Bible instructs the privileged to help others in society.

While in Coast region recently, Odinga promised to jail all persons that have stolen from Kenyans if elected as President.

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