Who wanted gospel singer ILLAGOSA WA ILLAGOSA dead? – A video of him explaining how he escaped a poisoning attempt emerges (WATCH).

Saturday, 04 February 2023 – Deceased gospel singer Illagosa Wa Illagosa survived a poisoning attempt in 2021.

A video of the late singer narrating how someone known to him tried to poison him and failed has emerged after his death.

In the video, Illagosa is heard claiming that his successful gospel ministry had caused a rift between him and the person who tried to poison him.

“They are trying to finish me so that I do not preach the word of God. A whole adult poisons me then goes ahead to stand on the altar to praise? 

“I am a seed of God and I will praise his name. A son of Vihiga County you cannot finish me, and I cannot die thank you very much,” Illagosa Wa Ilagosa said in the video.

The second poisoning attempt eventually claimed his life.

It is alleged that he was poisoned two months ago by a friend.

The poisoning led to kidney failure.

He died on Friday afternoon while receiving treatment.

Below is a video of him talking about the poisoning attempt that happened in 2021.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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