Why President Ruto Wants To Scrap Visa Requirement for All Incoming Travelers

President William Ruto says his administration is considering eliminating Visa requirements for all visitors traveling to Kenya.

Addressing attendees on Monday, September 4, during the inauguration of the Africa Climate Summit at KICC in Nairobi, President Ruto reaffirmed his vision for a united African continent.

Ruto went on to tout Kenya as the cradle of mankind, saying that requiring visas from travelers visiting their ancestral home would be unjust.

“A few kilometers from here, scientists – including myself – discovered and located the earliest remains of man on earth. In other words, this is where humanity began. Before you guys went all over the place in Europe, America, Asia… this is where we all began. Therefore allow me to welcome you home,” said Ruto.

“In a few months, we are having a conversation as Kenyans…we are seriously considering abolishing any visa requirement because it is unfair to ask anybody coming home for a visa.”

Kenya holds international acclaim among paleontologists as a hotbed of archaeological discoveries contributing to the story of human evolution.

In fact, Kenya has unearthed fossil evidence that effectively chronicles nearly the entirety of the human evolutionary journey.

According to human evolution researchers, early humans lived in the Olorgesailie region, in what is now the southern Kenya, between 1.2 million and 490,000 years ago.

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