Woman arrested after stripping and pressing her NAKED body against a sacred tree

Thursday April 13, 2023 – A woman has been arrested after she allegedly posed naked on a sacred tree in Bali, Indonesia.

Luiza Kosykh was arrested by authorities in Bali after being accused of pressing her body against an ancient weeping paperbark.

The 700-year-old wood, in Bayan Village in the Tabanan Regency, is located on the grounds of a temple and is considered sacred by many locals.

Tedy Riyandi, the head of Denpasar Immigration Office, has confirmed the arrest.

The alleged act has caused an uproar with locals.

Writing on Instagram on April 11, activist Ni Luh Djelantik said: “To all foreigner who disrespect our land, Bali is our home, not yours!

“For those who feel cool for rejecting Israel, wake up and see your homeland being destroyed.

“Does anyone want to donate clothes? Our breasts are sticking to the holy tree.

“And again, a foreigner poses inappropriately in our holy place. Let them understand, beloved.”

The activist pointed out this wasn’t the first time such an event had taken place.

“You know, we have to perform the Guru Piduka ceremony again after last year Mbok also reprimanded a naked foreigner who climbed the 700-year-old Holy Tree located in Pura Babakan, Adat Bayan Village, Desa Tua District, Marga, and then they were deported.”

The activist then began to call people out on the online platform, adding: “Bali is our home. Not yours. Do you think you’ll look cool taking naked picture on our holy trees?

“Go back to your country if you can’t respect our tradition and culture!”

They then called on local individuals to act to protect local sacred sites, continuing: “Thank you for protecting the dignity of Bali and the honour of the Balinese people.”

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