Woman bites off rapist’s tongue and hands it in to police as evidence

Friday, February 24, 2023 – A woman bit off her accused rapist’s tongue and handed it to police as evidence after she was allegedly attacked in the early hours of the morning while walking her dog.

The alleged attack happened  in Avignon, a small city in the south of France,

The unnamed woman, 57, was walking her dog in the early hours of the morning last Sunday (February 19) when she was attacked by a stranger.

The attacker allegedly tried to forcefully hug and kiss her while slipping his hands down her trousers, according to France Bleu.

After the struggle, she managed to bite the alleged aggressor’s tongue off before returning home.

She then brought the severed chunk of flesh to local police, accompanied by her son.

Following this, officers arrested the accused, who is reportedly originally from Tunisia and was living in France illegally.

The unnamed man, who faces an immediate trial and is obliged to leave France, reportedly told officials the woman was the one who had attacked him.

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