You have crossed the red line – US now warns RUTO over police brutality on journalists during RAILA’s anti-government demos.

Friday, March 31, 2023 – The US government has warned President William Ruto over police brutality against Journalists covering Raila Odinga’s mass protests against his government.

In a statement, US President Joe Biden, through the US Embassy in Nairobi, warned that police brutality against innocent people exercising their rights was unacceptable.

In particular, America addressed an incident in which two police officers were captured on video breaking a press corps’ car before shooting a gas gun into the car. 

“The United States is deeply concerned by recent reports of attacks against journalists,” US Ambassador Meg Whitman noted. 

Ambassador Whitman stated that the police actions amounted to an infringement on press freedom and called on the police to exercise their mandate as per the Law. 

According to Whitman, police brutality is an instrument that can easily be used to weaken or destroy democratic values in a country.

“Protecting press freedom and safety is a cornerstone of democracy,” Whitman noted in a statement.

Diplomatic Corps in Kenya also asked President William Ruto to exercise restraint and maintain the country’s reputation as an anchor of stability, security and democracy in Africa and beyond. 

The statement was released by Ambassadors and High Commissioners from Australia, Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, The United Kingdom, and The United States.

Meanwhile, the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) also warned the police against attacking Journalists covering Azimio la Umoja protests. 

MCK noted that March 2023 was the darkest month in the history of Kenyan media, revealing that over 25 local and international Journalists were injured in the protests. 

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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