Young tourist faces death by firing squad in Bali after cocaine was found in her luggage

Wednesday, February 8, 2023 – A young tourist could face the death penalty after she allegedly attempted to smuggle drugs into Bali.

Brazilian national Manuela Vitoria de Araujo Farias, 19, claims she was tricked by a gang after three kilograms of cocaine were allegedly found in her luggage when she arrived on the popular Indonesian island last month.

Bali’s firing squad could execute her if she is convicted of trafficking under Indonesia’s strict anti-drug laws.

She was arrested at Bali International Airport on January 27, just days after a West Australian surfing and diving instructor who smuggled drugs hidden in his anus into Indonesia narrowly avoided the death penalty.

Farias’ lawyer claims her client was tricked into cooperating after a gang who hired her told her she could pray for her mother’s quick recovery at a temple in Indonesia.

Farias claims she only visited the island after hearing of temples where they pray for the sick, Bali Times reported.

The teen’s mother had recently suffered a stroke, and Farias says she was attempting to seek Buddhist prayers for a cure.

“They (the gang) said that she could pray in the temples to ask for her mother’s healing,” the lawyer said.

The publication added police in Brazil have refused to discuss the status of the investigation into the alleged criminals that gave Farias the drugs.

The death penalty exists for many crimes in Indonesia including drug smuggling.

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