18 Baringo MCAs Attempt to Impeach County Minister over Untrimmed Beard and Drunkenness

Members of the Baringo County Assembly (MCAs) on Wednesday discussed a motion to impeach the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Public Works, Transport, and Infrastructure, Lekonaya Kibwalel for having an untrimmed beard and public misconduct.

The motion, introduced by Jacob Cheboiwo, the MCA for Kisanana ward, also alleges that Mr. Kibwalel is a poorly dressed individual.

“The CECM has violated section 9 (f) of the Public Office Ethics Act that commands State officers to maintain an appropriate standard of dress and hygiene. It is observed that the CECM keeps untrimmed beard and dresses even in official functions of the county government which is a conduct unbefitting of a public office holder,” the motion read in part.

The MCAs additionally allege that their colleague is unkempt and openly consumes alcohol in public spaces, thereby bringing disrepute to the office he holds.

“The CECM contravened section 20(1) of the Public Officer Ethics Act which compels a public officer to conduct his private affairs in a way that moves public confidence in the integrity of his office. It has been observed that the CECM drinks openly in open spaces thus causing disrepute to the office he holds,” the MCA said

Unbelievably, the ward reps debated the motion for about four hours. 18 members voted in favor of it while 22 opposed it.

Some of the opponents questioned why fellow MCAs are bringing forward motions that involve personal matters like grooming, particularly when the county is grappling with pressing issues such as insecurity and famine.

“I cannot stand here as an honourable member paid by the people of Mogotio and discuss someone’s beard. We all have beards and I deliberately did not shave mine because I also wanted to show that I’m a man with beards…the leader of the Majority is also full of beards,” Mogotio MCA Mark Sialo submitted.

Nominated MCA Sharon Jerotich added: “Baringo, people are watching us discussing beards, someone taking alcohol…I know some of the members in this House, myself included, indulge sometimes. You see a speck in someone’s eye and don’t see a log in yours.”

A fifteen-member committee will be established to investigate the allegations and provide a report to the county assembly.

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