Anne Adhiambo Admits Guilt in Murder of Nairobi Hospital Finance Chief Eric Maigo

Anne Adhiambo, the woman accused of murdering Eric Maigo, the finance director of Nairobi Hospital, has entered a plea of guilty to the charge of murder.

The charges were read to her three times in Swahili as High Court Judge Kanyi Kimondo cautioned her about the potential consequences of a guilty plea.

During the hearing on Thursday, the suspect repeatedly admitted guilt, saying: “Ni Ukweli.”(It’s true).

Furthermore, the judge advised her to seek guidance from her legal representatives.

“Nakupa muda zaidi Ndio uweze kuongea na wakili wako ambaye Yuko mahakamani mzungumze wakuelezee vizuri kile unachoambia mahakama …,” the judge said.

(I’m giving you more time so you can talk to your lawyer to explain clearly what you are telling the court).

Judge Kimondo directed her to appear before Judge Diana Mochache at the Kibera law courts on November 8, when she will be expected to take plea again.

Before then, Anne Adhiambo will be held at Langata Women’s Prison.

The charge sheet states that she murdered Maigo on September 15 at Woodley Estate in Nairobi.

In court, her defense team claimed she was 17 years old while the prosecution argued that she was an adult.

Nevertheless, the prosecution presented an age assessment report and mental evaluation, which the court relied on to proceed with the case.

On October 12, 2023, the accused underwent an age assessment, revealing that she was not a minor.

She underwent both an age and mental assessment at Mathari Hospital and was determined to be of sound mind and fit to stand trial.

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