4 People Burnt To Death Following Allegations Of Witchcraft In Kisii

The amateur video clip taken by one of the residents of Bomokana village in Kisii, shows residents gathering next to charred remains of three people, who were killed of allegations of practicing witchcraft in the area.

Residents gathered as police collect the bodies burnt beyond recognition for transfer to the morgue. The incident which occurred after a 17-year-old high school student who mysteriously lost his hearing ability claimed that they had lured him from their house on Saturday night.

Relatives confirm that the boy was unable to walk at the time he was found and a ritual had to be perfumed to cleanse him after which he recovered and claimed that they had bewitched him.

Items believed to have been used in witchcraft were later on found in their houses

Marani Deputy County Commissioner Patrick Murira, said the elderly people were dragged from their homes executed by the public without a legal trial.

The DCC, mentioned that four people who led the crowd in lynching of the elderly persons had been arrested and will be taken to court the next day.

The officer warned residents against taking the law into their own hands, urging them to present any suspected witch doctor to the police who are mandated by law to take legal action.

The charred body remains of the deceased  have been moved to the Kisii level 6 hospital mortuary awaiting a postmortem examination.

Hundreds of people suspected of witchcraft have died at the hands of the public in Kisii in recent years despite warnings by authorities against the practice.

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