Kirinyaga Residents Amazed At The Enomous Transformation Following The Event Ahead Of Mashujaa Day Celebrations

Nothing is being left to chance in this year’s Mashujaa day celebrations in Kirinyaga County. Locals were impressed by the change in landscape as a result of the major facelift undertaken by the government.

Works at Wamburu stadium is set to host 2000 people still on even as rehearsals continue to ensure that all is set and locals are taking notice. For business owners, it is business as unusual as several visitors swell by the day.

Accommodation will be hard to find here for those who have not yet made arrangements. “We are happy and this should be encouraged,” said one resident.

One resident congratulated the governor for bringing street lights, which will in turn lower insecurity.

Residents say that they hope after the event, the facelift will not fade away. “Issue ati baada ya sherehe kila kitu kinapotea (it shouldn’t be that after the ceremony everything gets lost),” said one of the residents of Kirinyaga county.

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