‘Abolish CRE, IRE And HRE In Kenya’s Learning Institutions’ Atheists In Kenya

It has always been a norm in the Kenyan learning system that religious subjects are taught in our schools. This is not something new considering that these religious education programs: Christian Religious Education (CRE), Hindu Religious Education (HRE), an Islamic Religious education (IRE) are equally tested at the national level.

However, this has been highly opposed by the Atheists In Kenya whereby they argue that religious education should be abolished from the Kenyan system of education. According to them, this will provide a neutral ground for all learners in Kenya.

This comes just when Kenya is introducing the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), in which the atheist’s society of Kenya president Harrison Mumia wrote a letter to the director of Kenya Institute of curriculum development (KICD) on September 20th with a proposal of a review of the religious education programs being taught in the Kenyan schools.

Equally, parents are complaining about the current CBC system in which many are complaining of high demands on learners.

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