Concerns As More Than 3 Million Kenyans Have Not Collected Their Huduma Namba Cards

Since the year 2005, the government of Kenya has been registering Kenyans under a harmonized system where one can be identified using their specific identity cards.

For Huduma namba, this was equally the same aim of creating new identifications for Kenyans, which could even ease their access to government services.

The process licked off in 2019 and by this year, Kenyans from all sides of Kenya were informed that their cards were ready.

At first, there was a large turn-up, but as of today, more than 3.2 Kenyans are reported to have ignored the message of picking up Huduma Namba cards. This is according to the latest data from the Kenya National Datacenter.

But the big question is why? Is it just ignorance? Maybe we can relate to those individuals whose cards were misplaced to different areas but those who have decided to ignore should turn up for their Huduma Namba cards. Have you picked yours? Leave a comment, please.

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