Ama Ni Ruto? 1084 AD Prophecies Revealed Kenya’s 5th President Will Make Entry Into State House Riding Wheelbarrow

A recently discovered prophecy that dates back to 1084 AD has reportedly revealed that the next president of Kenya will have to make a triumphant entry into State House riding a on a wheelbarrow.

In what could change the politics of the moment, politicians intending to get into State House will have to strategically position themselves around a wheelbarrow in the hope that the prophecy will be fulfilled.

The Prophecy which had been hidden for almost a thousand years was made public recently and while the term wheelbarrow is not clearly stated, it is obvious that the prophet had the wheelbarrow in mind.

“It shall come to pass that the fifth president of the land that boasts of many loans near the equator shall come riding on it. It shall have a single round wheel. The wheel shall go round. And round. And round. It shall be held with two hands and two feet. It shall be pushed.”

Experts on political prophecies and medium weight sorcery have said that the prophecy is being fulfilled right now in the eyes of Kenyans, although most people do not realize what is happening. “The prophecy of wheelbarrow is being fulfilled, but due to obsession with bridges, Kenyans cannot notice.”

DP Ruto Significant.
On Sunday, October 4, the DP came out with a statement reiterating that his ‘Wheelbarrow Movement’ was here to stay. Alluding to his new tag linked with his donations.

“Countrymen, finally the wheelbarrow/mkokoteni/bodaboda moment is here. The discourse about; hustlers not tribes; wananchi not leaders; empowerment of ordinary hustles not power for the few; ordinary hustler jobs not positions for the mighty; from bottom not top down. Jipange,” he tweeted.

Over the last year, DP Ruto has been hosting delegations of people at his Karen and Sugoi residences where he gives out items such as hand carts, washing machines, water tanks, wheelbarrows among other things.

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