Angry Youths Stormed DP Ruto’s Residence Because Of This

Reports indicate that the GSU officers have been ordered to evacuate all residences owned by the deputy president, both official and private. The GSU officers have been reassigned to the President’s team as APs take over in DP Ruto’s residence.

The information alleged by the legislator has not been confirmed by any government authority, so the issue is still not clear.

After the news has gone viral, a  group of youths is said to have stormed Ruto’s Residence claiming that they are ready to provide security for the second in command.

The youths claim that the government has a mission of humiliating William Ruto and they can longer take they are currently at the gate of Ruto’s Eldoret residence.

The humiliating act has occurred a day after President Uhuru Kenyatta dared his deputy to resign from his position if unhappy with the government.

Ruto however declined and said that he is a man on a mission.

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