Another clinical medicine student dies of dispersion at kisii University

It is been confirmed that a kisii university student by the name Ken took his life at Greenlight Kisii after leaving behind a suicide note.

On the he note, he claimed that he was suffering, he had no money and food and his parents neglected him.

According to the information shared on kisii University Facebook groups and pages, a first year student pursuing a university degree in Clinical medicine from Kisii University has committed suicide and allegedly leaving a suicide note.

Campus life is sometimes perceived by others to be very easy and luxurious. This is not always the case. Life at higher institutions of higher learning is sometimes challenging.

As other students enjoy life by partying every time, there are other needy students who struggle to afford food and basic requirements.

University students also need guiding and counseling just like other students. They should not be perceived too be mature to be given counseling.

Suicide is not a solution to life’s frustrations and challenges. May Ken’s soul rest in peace.

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