Dangers Behind Highly Monetized Gubernatorial Campaigns.

By Robert Chaulo

Migori County will be heading for second gubernatorial succession elections in 2022( This time without an incumbent).

Those who either attempted and or lost the seat may see themselves as potential challengers and eventual winners. Ng’oo! This is no guarantee at all.

On the other end, there is a new crop of entrants whose continued presence and generous contributions in social functions is soon buying the loyalty of a common man.

Note that in my previous inputs over 2022 gubernatorial succession elections, I’ve tried to distance myself from excessive use of money in luring the people to one’s side.

This alone has dangers that only Chief Opinionists like R. Chaulo can see.

The people who believe in “Gonywa” too much will lack the potential required to make vital decisions on important issues.

Any candidate who will make it to the apex of this county based on the size of his pocket will not perform but no one will question. Such leaders will customize everything in the county to go their way.

Even if it means hiring incompetent administrators, no one will question them.

At the moment, we must let our people know the kind of leadership they deserve.

If I fail to guide them, there are fears they will make gross mistakes that will prove costly and the damages caused will be irreparable.

A good candidate in gubernatorial contest of 2022 should not even use too much resources in the campaigns.

The candidate should be loved naturally, free to mingle with the people, possess the ability to unite everyone from across business, education, religious divide among others.

With just few resources, a candidate should be able to reach out to people with needs and give a small support.

I believe Prof Mark Ogutu has done his best in order to cement his place in the succession contest of 2022.

Despite his temporary absence, The Duke is being heard all over. There is too much thirst for Prof’s leadership. He must fulfil it.

R. Chaulo is the Chief Opinionist and Controller of Valid Ideas that can Make a Successful Gubernatorial Candidate in Migori County.

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