Are You Experiencing Young Love? Here Are The Signs.

Love is a beautiful thing that is evident amongst people who are attracted to one another or are related. These signs show how young your love life is.

These signs include;

1. You still ask your partner if He or she has eaten. This means that you still care about the small issues in the relationship. These are often Rhetoric questions.

2. Texting your partner is the first thing you do when you wake up. The young love feels like he/she should be the first thing to his/her partner in the morning.

3. Waking up in the middle of the night to ask your partner whether he or she has slept. This is common when one partner is still seen online as late as midnight.

4. Escorting one another to and from the bus station. None wishes to let go of the other so the escort is somehow confusing.

5. Immediately the Bus that has been boarded by your partner leaves, you run to text him or her to arrive safely or to take care.

6. Partners say sorry for sleeping without saying goodbye or goodnight note.

7. Sleeping with your phone not to miss a text from your loved one.

Dear reader are you young in love?

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