Benjamin Nzulu Rebukes A 21 year Old University Girl Because Of This

Benjamin Nzulu is A controversial Relationship Advisor Who is known for giving tough advice to Pre 25 years girls. Today He has exposed a young university girl who ran to him seeking advice after being arrested by the police.

The said girl studies at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and technology. She however has a boyfriend who is a cab driver.

The said cab driver who’s named remained unanimous also had another married woman as his lover. The two forged a kidnap trap for the husband to the married woman to send a big sum of money.

Their deal was successful and the two lovebirds decided to travel to Mtito Andei to Withdraw the Amount of Money.

As these two lovers were having a beautiful time together, the cab driver engage the 21-year-old girl on the phone who also insisted that she was promoting a treat. In an attempt to please this little girl, The cab driver opted to pick the girl from the university and took her to his house in Malaa in presence of the “kidnapped woman”.

The 21-year-old girl also agreed to join in the dirty game and we’re caught up by detectives three days later in sagana. They are currently awaiting to Be Questioned in Court.PHOTO|ILLUSTRATION

Benjamin Nzulu warns of Pre 25 youngsters dating. He says at that age girls should consider their academics first since their brains have not fully developed.

He also warns the University girls on landing their parents into unnecessary trouble because of their irrational decisions.

Lastly, he says university girls should use their weekends for personal growth and self-gratification.


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