Athlete found dead in unknown circumstances

The Atheletes of kenya( AK) are facing a hard blow after recieving the news of the death of Athlete Hosea Mwok Macharinyang.


He was reported dead in his house in West pokot on Saturday evening of october 9 2021.

His death was confirmed by the Athletic kenya officials form the Rift valley. Jackson Pkemoi , the chairman of Ak said the late Macharinyang had just started training after taking a long break for years.

Macharinyang name came to the surface in the year 2005 after wining a bronze medal in the Africa Junior Championships in 10,000m race.

The 35 year old athlete also participated in the stramilan half marathon in 2008 and emerged fourth.

“He had just started training and was ready to return to the field. As the AK official, we celebrate his life and success as an athlete,” Pkemoi told the Standard.

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