Vera Sidika Gifted Title Deed On Her Baby Shower

Singer Brown Mauzo has gifted his wife socialite Vera Sidika with a piece of land. The two have been together in a couple of months  and now they are expecting their first child.

In a video from her baby shower on Sunday, Mauzo holds a brown envelope and says it is the deed for a piece of land.

Verah Sidika

Vera has been documenting their pregnancy journey on various social media platforms. She planned for her baby shower as she said she hates surprises

She said she didn’t like the idea of letting other people run the show when the event or occasion is about her.

“I would be happy for the thoughtfulness. But Weeh! I’m just very detailed and such a perfectionist. It’s a Libra thing, I think.”

Sidika said all ladies who walk into their surprise baby showers and act surprised are fake because, at some point, they all anticipate such an occasion.

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