Battle For Migori Governor Okoth Obado Succession Heats Up Ahead Of 2022 General Election

The Okoth Obado succession Politics is heating up and every region is putting their best foot forward, it’s not a surprise that Kuria region has settled on PS Nelson Marwa as it’s flag bearer

Marwa has a good record of development, his tract in office demonstrate of a no nonsense character who values his work. everywhere he stepped he has left footmarks with zero trail of corruption. Besides good credentials he is closest to deep state and enjoys massive Kuria support, his limitations are just numbers as far as kuria is concerned but his strength lies in national networks,Deep pockets,Connections, and most dangerously if he partners with a Suna candidate for Deputy Governor and goes for a sugar belt for senate and Nyatike for county secretary he will be on the ballot as a serious candidate, and so those underestimating the chances of a Kuria candidate scoring the winning goal are mistaken.

Nyatike has so far not impressed with their policy politics, much of their games are hide and seek with some of their aspirant’s rumoured to be eyeing parliamentary seats while carmoflagued as gubernatorial candidates, they are aiming at the sun but wants to land on the moon, Political pundits opine that they have not come strongly and boldly in the political wrestling arena to weigh the waists of contenders. so far Migori county assembly Speaker Boaz Okoth has proven his mettle in his test of tact and strategy in the management of the assembly where he has outclassed Hon Ochilo Ayacko more than once, until then we hope to see a serious battle for the Nyatike flag bearer as they seek to succeed Obado in 2022.

It’s now emerging that Ochilo and Dalmas has identified each other as the threat and are ignoring the rest as others in the race, they want to redefine the race as a competition between old competitors, the question is where does this leave Kennedy Roberts who has emerged from the same sugarbelt region and is threatening to outsmart the duo?

And what would happen if Suna region, Kuria region and Nyatike region unite against the sugarbelt and share the four slots Senate Governor, deputy governor and women seat?. but do they have Numbers against the sugarbelt?.

Again what would happen if one of the sugarbelt buffalos settles for a popular Suna giant for collabo with senate, collabo with women seat, collabo with deputy Governor?.

Can a Suna candidate succeed if he/she collabo with sugarbelt candidate for senate and Nyatike for county secretary?

In a nut shell, any candidate who values the sweetness of Obado seat must work extra hard and smart today to get the seat tomorrow, and there’s chance and time what one needs is a good formart and road map, the race as it stands is an open cheque where the incumbent won’t be contesting and so the end justfies the means.

Most important as things stand it will not be about the party has endorsed me or Gov Obado has endorsed me, it will be about how you have endorsed yourself in the heart of the voters with your attitude,character, politics,agenda, behavior, team, and past records.

Some of the factors at play may include regional balance, money and gonya Politics, popular Political party, coalition with other leaders in the 8 constituencies and individual efforts otherwise God for us all and everyone for himself.

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