Court Orders Jowie Irungu Out Of Kenya’s Business Hub Nairobi

Jowie Irungu came to the media limelight following the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani at her residential place.

The man who is in battles with courts following the fact that he is the prime suspect in Monica Kimani’s murder has known no peace since the incident.

The case which is currently active in court has attracted different witnesses who have confessed to having seen Jowie destroying the evidence after committing the heinous crime. The man with his co-accused Jackie Maribe is currently out on bail following the appeal from both sides.

However, the recent court order has left many in shock. The man who is suspected to have the potential of intimidating witnesses has been ordered to leave Nairobi with immediate effect.

This comes at a time when the court trial is almost at its peak stage.
The family of Monica Kimani however still maintains that they will fight until justice is served for their lost daughter.

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