Critical Reason Why Incoming East Kanyamkago ward MCA Hon. Gideon Owuor Jakothigo Is The Sure Bet For The Ward

Hon. Gideon Owuor Jakagitho will vie for East Kanyamkago ward MCA seat in the 2022 elections.

Speaking to, he says he hopes to change the face of development in the East Kanyamkago ward and the entire Migori County.

A Alumni student of Thim Jope Mixed Secondary school says he has always had his community at heart and has longed to transform their lives through service and leadership.

Hon. Gideon Owuor has also debated laws that can help champion the youths and bring change to the generation.

As a youth champion, Hon.Gideon has stated how he can tap into helping the youths avoid unnecessary situations they are currently facing.

“Unemployment and depression, the latter is major especially matters of relationships that is taking away the freedom of the youth.

“We want to keep them busy with projects of agriculture, we do not promise anything because we are self financed, a political movement helping the youths

“The little we get as a team as a teams, that’s what we put in our respective projects.” He said

He further added that politics has no underdogs, it is all like finding a girlfriend.

“I only need to finance myself to be able to move from one corner of the Ward to another

“My people are actually encouraging me to talk to the people on the ground.” Gideon concluded

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