Crucial Reasons Why Billy Mijungu Is The Best Bet For Migori County Senatorial Seat

Hon. Billy Mijungu will be making his second stab at the Migori County Senator seat after he unsuccessfully ran in 2017 and is now hopeful that he will win by a large margin come 9th August general election as an independent candidate.

The flamboyant business man and also a vibrant politician as set his main political manifestos which are;

•Furthering Devolution of Health Service e.g. NHIF, Ensuring rates of deductions are means-tested.

• Ensuring Key County Stake in State Firms Domicile in Each County

• Ensuring Earmarks for All Wards/ Constituency/ County through Partners and Sitting National Government through Legislation and Policy

• Protection of County Contractors Working for County Governments Countrywide.

• Lead Establishment of a Powerful Senate Resource Mobilization Committee, which will ensure all 47 Counties receive additional revenue from Development from local and International Development Partners

• Seek relevant amendments and administration of the Public Procurement and Disposal Act to curb Systemic Corruption by making it more open.

• Seek Strengthening of Ethics & Anti-Corruption Commission to be effective in discharging its Mandate.

• Seek regular Publication of Entities doing business in Government as well as the ones seeking to do business in Government.

• Seek change to the administration of Travel and Hospitality budget Countrywide to minimize travel & Hospitality Corruption.

• To be a forefront Representative providing a relevant opinion on matters affecting Counties and Kenyans.

• Effective Participant in Parliament/Senate for effective Representative of My County Nationally and Internationally

• Assurance that all Contractors will and must be paid by My County.

• Lead efforts for “TRACK the BUDGET MOBILE APP”, the App will be a necessary tool for citizens to know and raise concerns on how their resources are used.

• Ensure Effective Public Participation in Budget Making Process and ensure every village gets a priority Project considered annually.

• Audit of all Money ever paid to Migori County Government Visa

Development Plans and the Project Actualized.

• Sponsor a Bill at the Senate seeking Permanence I or Consistency to Vote Heads that can only vary by the approval of the Senate, Ensures allocations are utilized as Budgeted.

• Sponsor a Bill in the Senate to have all Bills Passed from the National Assembly check through the Senate as effective check and Balance.

• Sponsor a Bill at the Senate for Office of County Oversight, It will ensure County assemblies and Senate have a feed of effective, relevant, and Credible Information on how the County Executive runs Counties.

The hopeful Incoming Migori County Senator Hon was born and raised in Migori County, Kadika in Suna East Sub-County where he completed his Primary School Studies before proceeding to Kanga High School for Ordinary level education. He was privileged to gain admission at Strathmore College now University for a Higher Diploma in Business Information Technology. He thereafter proceeded with further studies for a Bachelor of Business, Studies from Charles Stuart University and a Master of Business Administration at the University of Wales Institute of Cardiff. After gaining working knowledge, he ventured into business and community organizing, first the United Nations Association of UK, then Youth Advocacy in Kenya where he served in the Nairobi County Government Youth Advisory board, and further as the Chairman of the National Youth Council of Kenya.

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