Denmark vs Finland match postponed after Christian Eriksen collapse on the pitch

Denmark and Finland met in their first EURO 2020 game. The game started on a very high note and things were moving well until some few minutes to the end of the first half.

Christian Eriksen who is the best Denmark player, and one of the best creative midfielders in Europe, collapsed while the game was going on.

This caused a lot of alarm, and the referee was forced to stop the game. The medical team from Denmark rushed in order to attend to him.

From the look of things it was a very serious incidence. The Denmark players started shedding tears because they did not know what happened to their creative player.

The Finland players were also shocked and they had to sympathize with the Denmark players. The family of Christian Eriksen was also spotted in the pitch and they were in tears.

Kasper Schmeichel who is their goalkeeper was told to go and comfort the family.

The game was suspended on the basis of a medical emergency. This was done so in order for the player to receive the urgent medical attention.

It is still not very clear as to what could have happened to him. Quick recovery to him.

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