DP Ruto Presidency Receives Major Boost As Controversial City Lawyer Pledge To Join Hustler Nation

Deputy President and the Kenya’s second in command Dr. William Samoei Ruto’s presidency received a major political boost as controversial city lawyer Nelson Havi pledged to join the Hustler Nation outfits after he shall have brought back deported barista Miguna Miguna from Canada.

The flamboyant lawmaker while taking to his official Facebook page enlighten that “Mama Mboga is in good hands. Let me bring Miguna Miguna back home whereafter I will join you”

Nelson Havi who currently serves as the President of the Law Society of Kenya and is working to set things straight. Though he has recently been in the spotlight following tags on Law vs politics where President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake partner right Hon. Raila Odinga’s Kieleweke outfits cited that he has been secretly working with DP Ruto.

His sentiments comes only months away until Kenyans plunge into the much anticipated general election agitated by political commentators as a two horses race between Raila and DP Ruto.

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