Zora: Sad News As Inspector Ogola Is Found Dead Leaving A Critical Surprise Behind-VIDEO

Ogola particularly is Zora character who essentially has been playing the episode with for all intents and purposes much excitement since it was debuted on citizen television in a major way.

In the previous episodes we kind of found out that Ogola was just a gateman but that definitely is not true, Mr . Ogola is a police undercover and he mostly was investigating suspicious things in the house of Chibales, which is fairly significant.

In the very next episode of Zora Ogola will specifically be killed by Yola after Yola found out that the guy is spyingon spying onnnola who generally is believed to for all intents and purposes has been for the most part stayed in the family of Chibales for about 14 years his motive specifically was investigations in a particular major way.

The death of Ogola will essentially be a very very big shock to Zalena, Kwame, Nana, Madiba, Aunty Loreta, and Zora who are so surprised about the death of Ogola, fairly contrary to popular belief.

In the next episode,s Zora will mostly reveal to Madiba about the pregnancy test she conducted where Madiba will be left surprised, contrary to popular belief. It seems Zora particularly is coming to an end because of characters disappearing, fairly contrary to popular belief.

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