Dp ruto secretly hopping for president Kenyatta’s endorsement? 

Dp Ruto’s Two tweets in the last few Days have brought out another whining side of deputy president William Ruto that many people did not know existed.

The DP is practically complaining that by President Uhuru publicly declaring his support for a presidential candidate from the NASA coalition he was betraying the Jubilee Party.

Not a long while ago Ruto and his Allies declared Jubilee dead and have even been sponsoring candidates against the party in various by-elections.

Now Ruto imputes infidelity on Uhuru for supporting a candidate from outside “dead” Jubilee Party.

While addressing leaders from Kitui, Machakos, and Makueni at State House on Monday President Uhuru said he had achieved more for his development agenda in his second term in office because of the goodwill from the Handshake.

Although the “bromance” between the two leaders has been on the rocks for quite a while it would appear the DP secretly nursed dreams that when it came to the homestretch Uhuru might endorse his candidature.

Well, it’s now in the open that by going it alone Ruto will not only be vying against the other presidential candidate(s) but officially there will be no support from the State.

Presidential Elections in Kenya are a dicey affair and after the tribal factor comes institutional manipulation which is only possible with goodwill from the government.

As reality dawns Ruto’s chest-thumping may ultimately give way to looking for new coalitions and alliances.

Ruto will now have to divide with Uhuru the allegiance of the powerful voting block of the Mount Kenya region and if NASA endorses a person acceptable to Rift Valley then the dream of ascending to State House evaporates. No wonder the DP looked so confused.

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