Drama As Gladys Wanga Is Called A “Hypocrite” By Her Supporters Because of This

Hypocrisy is the act of pretense. Doing Something without sincerity. Today Gladys Wanga has been branded “unclean” names for attending a church service and adhering to the said rules.

Honorable Gladys Wanga a member of parliament in Homabay county, Today attended a church service In God’s last appeal church.

According to the stipulated rules in God’s last appeal, A person is to enter the church bare feet. They also sit down on the floor with no seats around. Its him ever a common thing to the Christians.

Gladys too followed the protocol only to be criticized largely. Her sense of humility has coated her a lot.

Citizens called her a hypocrite for engaging herself in the wrong means of securing votes from naive citizens. Most people claim that she is only doing so, to win peoples, heart, to vote for he since she is eyeing the gubernatorial seat in homabay county.


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