What Is The Mandate Of The United Nations Organization In Kenya?

In Kenya getting a job with an NGO is considered a hot cake since the payment is always way better than all other sectors. However, for some people it is not about the huge paycheck that comes with working for these NGOs but the benefits that come alongside the tasks assigned. However, whatever the mission one has in working for any NGO in Kenya, it is always a dream come true for many.

For instance, the well-known United Nations which is one of the biggest international organization, with a wide range of coverage is the organization concerned with maintenance of international peace and security. For those in community development and social work, these are the main areas of coverage.

Working with the United Nation does not only come with a good packaged with admirable benefits but also those in the career world can get opportunities for in terms of learning, workshops for specific career boost. Equally the United Nations has open opportunities for a UN volunteer in which alongside getting a UN volunteer membership, there are other related benefits like housing and other utilities.

In terms of job hiring, the last intake was conducted in October with the deadline of 15th December last year. For more information on the United Nations you can check their website at www.unon.org

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