Drama As Man Goes Berserk, Burns Family House Before Digging His Own Grave In Kisii County

A dramatic scene engulfed Kisii county after a middle-aged man goes berserk, and burns a family home before digging his own grave after the investment goes up in smoke.

According to news sources, the man is said to have taken a loan from a self-help group to build a school at his Ibacho home, but things went wrong and he defaulted prompting him to do the unthinkable act.

This comes as Bank loan defaults have crossed the half a trillion shilling mark for the first time, setting up thousands of borrowers for property seizures. Digital lenders will now give loan defaulters a 30-day notice before their names are forwarded to credit reference bureaus (CRBs) under regulations that give the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) powers to rein in the lending rates and abuse of consumers’ privacy.

Rutere Kagendo while reacting to the sad news said that “I thank God his family and him are alive, they will build another home. This case is one too many asking for a strengthened social support system in communities. The stress and depression levels in Kenya cannot be handled by hospitals and courts, nor can the mere blame games that camouflage the real issues. These are socio-economic challenges and they need to be dealt with as such. Therefore, let’s have counseling units at community levels, and let’s revitalize small-scale businesses at the community level. Let us work on social welfare and also create opportunities for economic growth. Otherwise, this continuously devastating news is depressing.”

Mugiira also cited that “Thanks to God the family is safe. What led to the man’s depression is likely to affect the wife and children too especially now that all these things have happened in their eyes. The man will be safe in a mental hospital and not in cells or jail. Whoever here knows this village could organize persons of goodwill we raise food and rent for the family and if in excess they pay for a mental facility for the man. I will be the first to support it. Depression is real but it is curable.”


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