Azimio National Chief Agent Spills The Beans On What Transpired In Thier Camp On The Poll Day (Video)

Saitabao Ole Kanchory played a significant role in the just concluded August 9th polls as a National Chief agent for Azimio Presidential candidate Raila Amollo Odinga and HE Martha Karua.

While attending an interview on Spice FM by Eric Latiff, Kanchory lamented several challenges that he considers are internal as well as external. He regrets having micro-managed the whole exercise that took place from all over the country at one station. He has however noted that they centralized their system in one place for purposes of accountability and easy supervision.

He notably brought to the limelight the blunder that got around their agents at the polling station. He has claimed that there was a pull and push kind of scenario on agents. That at one time political leaders allied to them could throw some agents and bring new ones to serve as their agents as well as those of Azimio.

Speaking to Eric Latiff, Kanchory said that the camp was majorly disorganized on matters of deployment of agents and their payments. He noted that they had hindsight and there was nothing much that they could do about it.

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