Dramatic Scene As City Pastor Reportedly Buried Alive By His Followers Because Of This (Reactions)

Dramatic scene engulfed in Zambia after a renowned city pastor identified as James Sakala who reportedly runs Sakala Zion Church in the United Democratic Republic of Zambia told his followers to bury him alive saying he would resurrect after three days like Jesus Christ.

The said followers reportedly buried him as he had earlier requested and went to dig him out only to find him completely .

The story has since sparked a reaction online by internet users alluding that heaven’s Kingdom is not about performing for mere sensation, the kingdom is rooted in saving of those who what is it commanding us to do.

Another user agitated that the followers should be arrested for killing a mad man. He was not in his right sense when asking them to do that citing that it was an assisted suicide, and all the people who buried him alive must be held accountable for killing a mad man it’s very clear that he wasn’t stable mentally.

Elsewhere another user added that this was around the grave he had dug and in a strange voice as someone possessed by the holy spirit, declared and commanded his followers.

Source: The Daily Online Talk TV

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