Dramatic Scene As MCAs Clash At The Nayandarua County Assembly Over Speaker’s Leadership Tussle

Dramatic scenes at the Nyandarua county assembly on Tuesday showed and stirred mixed reactions amongst Kenyans.

A standoff between the speaker Ndegwa Wahome and supporters and another group of MCAs that want the speaker who has been impeached severally since 2020 gone.

The speaker had arrived at the assembly early Tuesday, emboldened by court order and a company of police offers to enforce it. The group found all the doors locked.

“The court orders that have not been obeyed today, because as you can see, I have been blocked from accessing the assembly”, he said.

Efforts to gain access to the assembly proving futile and those opposed to the speaker terming him as a stranger.

The embattled speaker blaming his wars on the powerful figure at the county level. Some MCAs accused the speaker of frustrating development through courts, by blocking the implementation of the budget passed by the assembly.

A group of MCAs went ahead and had a session without the speaker. The houses adjourned. A Nakuru court ordered that his work be reinstated.

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