Where Are They? 2 Families In Kawangware Calling On The Government To Help Trace Their Lost Children

A mother in a world of pain, Ruth Mongae has had sleepless nights and is over 10 days of despair, since the disappearance of her daughter on the 26th.

She says she was at work when she received a distressing phone call from her husband informing her of the unfortunate incident.

Ruth rushed home only to find her neighbor Jenipher Nyambae in tears. She too was in a frantic search for her missing daughter Precious Ireri.

The two girls were playing together before their disappearance. Nyabae says she was with the two girls outside her house and had only left to take a shower before they vanished.

A search party was organized, the two families have conducted searches in Kawangware and Kangemi area with no luck. The matter has been reported to 4 different police stations with the detective ask for a better police station.

According to missing child Kenya which collects information on children, organizations, and individuals, over 30 children have been reported missing in the last two months alone.

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